This section holds all the downloadable location maps for RPG Manager. Please make sure to always have the latest program release before using these maps.
The maps are in WinZip format; once downloaded just extract the compressed archive into your RPG Manager program folder.


by Flavio Roli

This magnificient map pack is a realistic reproduction of Castle Bodiam, a real life moated castle in East Sussex, England. The pack contains a total of five maps, each one depicting a different floor: the basement, the ground floor, 1st and 2nd floors and a final aerial view of this magnificient castle. Each map has its own description and I have also provided descriptions for rooms, towers, walls and many other castle features. Some maps have links to real life pictures showing the look of the castle nowadays, for a reason of comparison. All maps are linked together: map links have been placed on each stair.
Finally, I have created a few custom objects for these maps (beds, bookshelves, and the like), to add even more realism to these maps.


Latest update: 23 June 2011
Download size: 2 Mb.
Uncompressed size: 10 Mb.

by Lance Duncan

Yoker: 6,000 Humans, 100 Orcs, 100 Hobgoblins, 50 Kobolds, 100 Goblins

Yoker, is on the banks of a river which leads to a dangerous swamp, and has a governor named Beldevere Redcloak.
This city was founded by some norwoldian settlers in 1638AC (approx. 350 years ago). A few years after settlement, all communication with norwold ceased. It evolved into a self sufficient city which quickly grew to maximum capacity, at which point it sent out small groups of colonists itself.


Latest update: 14 April 2014
Download size: 28 Kb.
Uncompressed size: 1,55 Mb.