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RPG Manager allows the creation of world maps with a great variety of hexagonal land tiles.

Each unique land tile has 5 different graphics representation styles. This adds diversity and maps look more realistic.

World maps can be of any size, tiles are set on different layers so you may have a town, a road and a river on the same tile.

Each land tile or group of tiles may have it's own description, weather conditions and random encounters.

What a nice looking lake!

You can create and import your own tilesets and use them in place or in combination of the ones currently available.

Another sample map featuring a classic-style tileset.

You can resize maps to any size and export them as a single .BMP image (depending on your computer power).

With RPG Manager it is possible to create sci-fi or space maps of solar systems, galaxies, etc.

RPG Manager allows the creation of square location maps for cities, dungeons, buildings and other settings.

Location maps may contain a combination of tiles and predrawn objects. You can draw and import your own objects too.

Combining tilesets, objects and your imagination, you can create some very interesting maps. This was done in about 10 minutes.

This one was done in even less time. It combines 4 mountain objects with some standard location tiles.

With RPG Manager you can transform external .BMP images into tiled maps. these maps can have an hexagonal layout...

...or a square one. The maps are then fully editable using the tileset which is created along or with any other tileset.

This is an image of the creature datasheet. You can create your own creatures. At the moment few data is provided with RPG Manager.

The Campaign Editor and some of its features: map creation, weather conditions, equipment datasheet, name generator and dices.

The Game Manager: create your own groups or parties, place them on the maps and move them around.

The Game Manager again: the equipment monitor and the combat management window.



There are so many more features in RPG Manager and I really would like to have a screenshot for each one of them. But unfortunately this is not possible. If you think that what you have seen so far is interesting I encourage you to download and try the program. It's all free!